Japan has a huge, very mature and demanding market. It’s very well known that Japanese customers are extremely demanding. Quality, technical perfection and service one offers have to be up to Japanese standards. On the other hand, having Japanese business partner or client is a matter of prestige and superb recommendation.

There is a saying “business is a war”. Therefore, there is a long way to go before you sign a contract with your Japanese business partner. To succeed, you have to make a detailed strategy how to address and get a Japanese customer as well as how to effectively build up long lasting mutual business relations. To succeed in this “war” you need to have a strong ally with contacts – Japan Business Solutions!
JBS services: 
  1. Doing business with Japanese/Czech partners – help and consultancy.

In case you are already dealing with Japanese/Czech partners or you are considering this opportunity, Japan Business Solutions as a go-between, help to set up meetings with relevant Japanese/Czech partners and will guidance you to mutually effective business relations by following services:

• investigation of needs and requirements of potential customers
• set up business meetings with decision makers
• help with business meeting preparation and negotiations
• help to build up mutual thrusting relationship
• feedback survey with you partner or client

2.  Effective communication with Japanese/Czech colleagues.

If you are dealing with cross cultural situations, Japan Business Solutions would propose you constructive solution to your  specific situation or problem you need to solve. Japan Business Solutions will help you to:

• communicate effectively with your Japanese/Czech colleagues
• deeply understand behavior, thinking and expectations of your Japanese/Czech colleagues or business partners
• build up mutual thrusting relationship

3.  Company entry into Japan/Czech market.

If you consider entry into Japan/Czech market, Japan Business Solutions would help you to prepare concrete business strategy    with cost-effective market entry possibilities and business development schemes by following:

• market search
• cost-effective market entry plan
• help with business negotiations and building up mutual business relations
• feedback survey on your product/service and identifying areas for improvement

4.  Market search, making special reports and studies according to clients’ request.

If you are interested in special reports or studies, related to Japan/Czech market, Japan Business Solutions would prepare these for you in time-saving and cost-effective manner.