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Teleworking VPN usage in Japan

What Japan Thinks - Pá, 07/03/2020 - 17:50

jQuery(window).on('load', function() { var theConfig;theConfig = kenyn_piegraph_stats([83, 9, 8], ["Yes", "No", "Don’t know"], 'Have you been supporting a VPN during the State of Emergency?', 'myChart1-support-vpn.png');jQuery('.chart-canvas').show(); var ctx = document.getElementById('myChart1-support-vpn.png').getContext("2d"); new Chart(ctx, theConfig); });
This survey from HENNGE amongst corporate Information System professionals into corporate telework and VPN usage shows that it wasn’t just my office whose VPN struggled under the traffic at the start of the Stay Home campaign.

For the first month my corporate VPN was very difficult to connect to (although I got informed of a side entrance that skipped the queue) and we were only supposed to connect for a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon, but the capacity has been upped and since then I have had zero problems regarding logging in.

Working from home works very well for me, as I can use the VPN to attach to my office desktop and use my company laptop to develop almost just as efficiently as if I was physically sitting in the office, and of course I am free of all the office background noise and the crowded commute.

Research results Q1: Have you been supporting a VPN since the declaration of the State of Emergency? (Sample size=282) Yes (to SQs)
Don’t know

For some reason, this question rounded the percentages, but the remaining displayed to one decimal place.

Q1SQ1: Have there been issues regarding the use of the VPN? (Sample size=235) Yes (SQ2 and SQ3)
No (to SQ2 only)
Don’t know (to end)
Q1SQ2: Has there been a flood of traffic on the VPN causing the response to be slow or delayed? (Sample size=235) Yes
Don’t know
Q1SQ3: How were issues with the VPN resolved? (Sample size=114, multiple answer) Increased number of simultaneous connections
Purchased extra VPN devices
Put limits of who could access the VPN or at what times
Did nothing
Don’t know

Over the 8th and 9th of June 2020 HENNGE asked Macromill to conduct an internet-based private survey amongst people who worked in the Information System division of companies of 100 or more employees. 309 people responded to the survey, and no further demographics were given I don’t think this is a problem as it’s about an actual situation, not an opinion.

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